The Magick Blues Band

By Treehouse Concerts (other events)

Saturday, August 12 2023 8:00 PM 10:30 PM PDT

In December of 2016 Magick Blues Band began performing at local bars, dives, and venues in their hometown of San Jose and throughout the Bay Area. Formed as a quartet composed of a drummer, bassist, guitarist, and pianist–Magick became a resurgent force within the local San Jose music scene. The preamble of Magick delivered a raw, organic experience–offering older patrons' bouts of nostalgia while drawing younger ones to the surface of a vintage sound.  As their shows picked up, Magick began performing new, original tunes and captivating covers, which allowed them to embody a unique sound of their own. A collective passion and musical pursuit expanded their presence throughout Bay Area communities–connecting them with local musicians and select venues. Sharing bills with legendary artists such as Eric Gales, Charlie Musslewhite, and Elvin Bishop, the feedback was clear that Magick’s resonance was expanding. At this time Magick set out to start experimenting with supplementary techniques and instruments, in hopes of broadening the tangible horizon of a fuller sound. With the addition of a second guitarist and drummer, the "Ouroboro" of Magick was born. The current six-member group delivers a powerful experience at any venue big or small–channeling elements of historic jam bands such as: The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, The Band, and more. Integrating elements of rock n’ roll, folk, soul, and jazz, Magick has created distinctive originals intertwined through the melodic resemblance of a classic era. A transcending group of musicians dynamically weaving through improvisational grooves, coalesced together by pulsations of symbiotic euphoria. With a growing archive of live and studio recordings, every performance generates an idiosyncratic nature–never exhibiting the same setlist twice. In their endeavor of eliciting elated emotions–The Magick Blues Band community continues to evolve from hometown family and friends to fans all across the globe.