Scott Pemberton O Theory

By Treehouse Concerts (other events)

Saturday, October 15 2022 7:00 PM 10:30 PM PDT

One thing is clear when you hear SPOT. This is something new. Rooted in the familiar yet utterly unique, this nimble Power Trio creates their own brand of progressive roots music blending deep jazz, blues, rock/grunge, funk and psychedelia; often during the same song. Driven by Scott's wildly unorthodox approach to the guitar, improvisation and songwriting; every concert is an entirely fresh experience. Playing festivals, theaters, taverns and nightclubs from coast to coast, they prove during every performance their dedication to the fact that making music is an honor and a gift.

“The Bruce Lee of Rock and Roll” - Tahoe on Stage

"A wildly creative virtuoso" - Jambase